March 15th - 16th - 2014

  • Workshop on adult and pediatric airway disease
    We like to invite, general practitioners, specialists, doctors in the beginning of their carrier and specialized nurses to participate in this workshop. We will discuss the different backgrounds of clinical airway disease and the diversity in the clinical spectrum in adults and children. New definitions and clinical guidelines are presented. Insight is given in the mode of action of inhalation medication and practiced in a hands-on workshop.

Past events

Nov 30th - Dec 1st - 2013

  • Interactive Workshop Infectious Diseases and Endocrinology
    The objective is to offer the general practitioners and hospital doctors the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills on the fields of endocrinology and infectious diseases. Content of the workshop was decided upon by the Boneiriaanse huisartsenvereniging in cooperation with some of the specialists of Fundashon Mariadal. The sessions will be interactive with case discussions among the participants, quizes and state the art lectures of invited specialists. All general practitioners and hospital doctors of the 6 Dutch Caribbean islands will be invited, as we all can learn from each others problems and solutions.

May 2014 - Bonaire 
  • Interactive workshop on HIV, HBV and HCV:  Diagnosis and management, Public health, cultural and ethical aspects.

  • 2011 -- HIV conference 3 day conference
  • ​2012 -- Interactive Workshop on Infectious diseases and Rheumatology
  • 2013 -- Interactive Workshop on infectious diseases and endocrinology.